Inspired Creation or Carbon Copy?

Welcome to Imitation of Art

After obsessing for days about a captivating topic for my spanking new blog, I finally had an epiphany.

When I paint, or look for new graphic design concepts, or even when I pick the clothes I’m going to wear for the day, I always reference an example of someone or something who did it the best. I either try to improve on the general idea, or sometimes I take the exact formula and repurpose it for my own selfish reasons. My justification is that it’s a green approach to reuse what’s valuable and fundamental. While my reasons are justified, underneath all of my confident bravado lies an insecure artist who feels like a fraud–because none of my ideas truly come from a blank slate. Should inspiration come from the things and people I surround myself with? Or should inspiration come from within. Or, horror of horrors, should it come from BOTH?

My Recreation of C Babi Bayoc's Painting, 'Loungin''C Babi Bayoc's Original Painting

It’s said that in regards to politics, the environment, or fashion, topics and statements continue to be recycled and made to look brand new. Can the same be said when referencing art and music? Absolutely.

What this blog seeks to do is to start a dialogue about the original concept versus a concept that was inspired by something else. When does paying homage to an artist from another era transition from tribute to just an obvious carbon copy?

I intend to post songs, television clips, movies and art (including my own) so that I may get the public’s feedback on the fine line between creation and blatant duplication.

Stay tuned.


One thought on “Inspired Creation or Carbon Copy?

  1. Good deal, it’s true about the old trend coming back in style, or like P-Diddy using some old tracks and re-mastering to make a new hot single. I guess you can say that we are just re-using it ,or re-adjusting it so it can be modernize or up-to-date.

    Even in the movie industry, they are bringing back old school cartoons, movies and re-mastering it, adding some crazy effects, for instance Transformers, Captain America, the X-men and many more. I remember waking in the morning grabbing a bowl of cereal and rushing to the TV to watch my favorite episodes.

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